CCCC 466

CCCC 466
12th century

This manuscript has several sections with different page layouts. Most sections comprise one column, but there are sections, typically ones that are lists, which have two or three columns. Litterae notabiliores are frequent, and usually red or green. Many have faded or bled, especially those done in red. This is a feature that recurs among our corpus, and intimates that some red pigment is prone to smudging. Enlarged capitals are common throughout, more or less so depending on section. Rubrics tend to appear immediately prior to litterae notabiliores or enlarged capitals, and capitula can be seen before enlarged capitals and at the start of sentences more generally. Red-filled capitals are common in one section. Several sections feature filled white space at the beginning or end of lines, either in the form of an extended final letter or as a red line. In some sections, white space on either side of a rubric demonstrates a generous allowance for the rubricator.