Affiliated Programs

Affiliated Groups


The work of CESTA, the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, supports and enhances the research of the project, through a shared dynamic working environment and the stimulating contribution of its faculty and staff. CESTA students, from which some of Stanford Global Currents' RAs are derived, are an invaluable resource for all digital work in the Humanities.

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Founded in 2004, DLSS is the information technology production arm of the Stanford Libraries; it serves as the digitization, digital preservation and access systems provider for SUL; and it is the research and development unit for new technologies, standards and methodologies related to library systems. Stanford's Digital Manuscript Repository, from which all our NEH-project images are drawn, is part of this Division's work.

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The Stanford Center for Medieval and Modern Studies, co-directed by Professor Kathryn Starkey (German Studies) and Professor Elaine Treharne (English) encourages scholarly exchange through genuine intellectual engagement between faculty, staff and students, and nurtures a love of, and expertise in, the medieval through our vibrant programs. Its multidisciplinarity and energy contribute to the continuing work of manuscript scholars across periods and languages at Stanford and within 'Global Currents', particularly.

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