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Mattew Aiello

Matthew Aiello graduated from Stanford in June of 2015 with a B.A.H. in English Literature and a focus in Medieval Studies. The title of his honors thesis was, “‘by whyche they came to honour’: Reputation in Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.” He will be attending Worcester College at the University of Oxford in the Fall of 2016 to pursue a Masters degree in Medieval English. Matthew has been working on the N.E.H. Medieval Manuscripts project for nearly two years and has recently begun examining manuscripts in the Cambridge Trinity College corpus for Stanford’s new Text Technologies department. He is afraid of butterflies.

Benjamin Albritton

Digital Manuscripts Program Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services

Mark Algee-Hewit

Assistant Professor of English

Mark Algee-Hewittt is the co-director of the Stanford Literary Lab  and a co-principal investigator on Global Currents.

Celena Allen

Celena Allen is the Project Manager for the Stanford Global Currents project and the Geospatial Project Coordinator for the Spatial History Project

Jaye Boissiere

Jaye Boissiere is a sophomore planning on majoring in History and Political Science with a focus on justice and international relations. She began working as a research assistant at CESTA on the Medieval Manuscripts project in April of 2015. Her interests include historical fiction novels, playing soccer, and exploring cities.

Mohamed Cheriet

Professor École de technologie supérieure - Génie de la production automatisée , Director, Synchromedia Laboratory and Consortium

Liz Fischer

Liz Fischer is a junior from Washington state majoring in CS+English, with a particular interest in Book History. She is hoping to pursue post-graduate studies in Medieval History and/or Library and Information Science. In her free time, Liz enjoys knitting, playing guitar, and board games.

Jasmine Guillory

Jasmine Guillory is a rising junior majoring in CS + History with concentrations in Human-Computer Interaction and Africa, respectively. She appreciates the way that CESTA melds technology and the humanities in interesting, useful ways. In her free time, she enjoys reading, making terrible jokes, playing soccer, and doing crossword puzzles. 

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is a rising sophmore and prospective History major at Stanford. He currenlty works on the Medieval Manuscript Project and is ecstatic to learn more about the study of medieval texts from it. In his free time, he performs in a children's theater group on campus called Flying Treehouse, which transforms children's stories at local schools into a show for the kids and Stanford students. His interests range from the philosophy of education to web technologies to marathon training.


Jaclyn Marcatili

Jaclyn is a rising senior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Social Development and Human Well-Being and a regional focus in Africa.  She is also minoring in Theater and Performance Studies with a concentration in Dance.  Jaclyn was happy to join the CESTA team in the spring of 2015 through her work on the Medieval Manuscripts project.  She is currently working at the Refugee Studies Centre at the University and Oxford and looks forward to returning to Stanford in the fall.

Lindsay Mewes

Lindsay is a rising senior majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Identity and Media. Her interests lie in exploring issues of race, gender, class, and sexuality through films and other forms of media--particularly the ways in which media influences the formation of individual and collective identities. Before working at CESTA, she did not know anything about medieval manuscripts, so she has really enjoyed working on the Medieval Manuscripts project and learning a lot throughout the process. 

Andrew Piper

Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar of German and European Literature, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures McGill University , Director of .txtLab

Lambert Schomaker

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Scientific Director ALICE, University of Groningen

Aisha Sharif

Aisha is a rising sophomore majoring in International Relations with a prospective minor in Arabic. She started working as a research assistant on the Medieval Manuscripts project in April 2015, and she will start working on the Nineteen Century Crowdsourcing project in August. Aisha loves the CESTA lab because it has given her a chance to explore topics that she would have never normally encountered, and she loves learning new things.

Elaine Treharne

The Roberta Bowman Denning Professor of Humanities, Professor of English, and, by Courtesy, of German Studies

Elaine Treharne is the Principal Investigator on the Global Currents project and Director of Stanford Text Technologies.