CCCC 313

CCCC 313
Lucius Annaeus Florus's Epitoma de Tito Livio; Ralph de Diceto's Opuscula
12th century
13th century
The mise-en-page of this manuscript changes several times. It begins as one column, but splits into two, three, or as many as eight on occasion for lists and tables. Enlarged capitals in this manuscript are red, dark green, and (less frequently) blue. Throughout, capital letters are filled with red. There tends to be large amounts of white space around places where the layout changes. In addition to this white space, there are many places where an enlarged capital or a rubric has not been supplied. This occurs primarily at the beginning of the manuscript, suggesting the original order of production of quires might have been different from that which is extant. Throughout, small letters and abbreviated rubrics are written in the margin near where enlarged capitals and rubrics are in the main text, making it more obvious that something had been omitted. 
One particularly noteworthy folio is 35v: in the bottom and left margins someone has drawn a diagram of text written inside circles connected by lines, traveling from the fore-edge to the center, extending slightly onto f. 36r.
There are numerous interesting connections to be made between this manuscript and manuscripts from the West Midlands. Elaine Treharne will be writing about these connections in The Phenomenal Book.