CCCC 345

CCCC 345
Hilary of Poitiers' De Trinitate, De Synodia, etc.
Christ Church
12th century

The manuscript is entirely written in two columns. Plummet ruling is visible on all folios, both between the lines and marking the border of both columns. Until folio 133v, there is a running header in the top margin: verso sides of folios have an abbreviated form of "liber," and recto sides have a numeral between 'i' and 'xii' indicating the book number. The manuscript opens with a littera notabilior: the letter 'C' in gold leaf on a blue background with red, blue, and gold floral decoration in the bowl. Enlarged capitals are somewhat infrequent, becoming more prominent after folio 133v, towards the end of the manuscript. Most capitals are written in either red or blue ink; a few have both in the body of the letter. All but the smallest, one-line enlarged capitals feature floral decoration in the color not used for the letter itself. Rubrics are infrequent, usually following enlarged capitals. Often there are markings in the margins. Series of dots and small 's'-like characters--denoting the interest of a later reader--are commonly placed vertically alongside the text, as indeed are short-paragraphed marginalia.