CCCC 290

CCCC 290
Ado of Vienne's Chronica
Christ Church
11th century
12th century

This manuscript is written in a single column format. The littera notabilior which begins this manuscript is a 'B' with a thick red and black border surrounding light blue, red, and green background. There are several more notable letters in the manuscript, though they straddle the the boundary between enlarged capital and littera notabilior, as none is as highly decorated as the 'B'. Rubrics appear at the beginning and end of the manuscript. Throughout, the manuscript features offset capitals. On occasion, particularly near the beginning, these capitals are slightly but noticeably larger than the rest of the capitals letters on the page. Unlike the typical enlarged capitals, these are not in color, nor are they significantly larger than the rest of the text. There are a small number of in-filled letters on the first page. White space is occasionally left before enlarged capitals, and a significant amount appears in a list near the end of the manuscript.