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CCCC 200

CCCC 200
Baldewinus de sacramento altaris
Christ Church
12th century

This manuscript is in two columns throughout. Each folio features prominent plummet ruling between lines of text and marking the border of the columns. The text opens with a littera notabilior featuring an archbishop seated and writing. The letter has a gold leaf background. The archbishop inhabits the letter 'A' outlined in blue and filled with red that has faded to gray in places. A green line surrounds the entire letter. Enlarged capitals are prevalent, and more embellished than those in many other manuscripts in this corpus. Most have a primary color of either red, blue, or green and feature arabesque decoration in or around the letter in a different color. Rubrics are also quite common, nearly always accompanying enlarged capitals. Occasionally full sections of text are written in red. White space is often left at the end of a line before or after a rubric. Many markings appear in the margins, most notably flags, dots in series, and maniculae.