CCCC 094

CCCC 094
Ivo of Chartres's Panormia
Christ Church
12th century

The layout of this manuscript is primarily two-column, with the occasional appearance of mixed columns. Ruling is prominent on each folio and can be seen between lines as well as framing columns. A heading runs throughout the manuscript; verso sides say pars (part), and recto sides evince a numeral between 'I' and 'X'. Litterae notabiliores begin each part and are floral in design. Enlarged capitals vary in color and style; the shape is sometimes curvilinear and sometimes rectilinear; sometimes with flourishes and sometimes undecorated, even between occurrences of the same letter. Yellow, red, blue, and green and used for capitals, with no discernable pattern to the order of coloring. Rubrics commonly appear before enlarged capitals. Occasionally the appearance of the text changes to look more like a list. In these sections, about every other line starts with a red numeral followed by a small enlarged capital. Multi-line white space occurs and the end of columns, particularly before litterae notabiliores or the start of a different section.