CCCC 022

CCCC 022
Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae and Synonyma. Bestiary, etc., Isidori Etymologiae et Synonyma. Bestiarius etc.
12th century
14th century
This manuscript is comprised of two volumes, with the first being an index and the second being an series of descriptions of different types of things. The first portion is dated to the 14th century and has a three-column layout with visible ruling marks. The second portion, dated to the 12th century, has a two column layout throughout its five sections - an etymologiae, a description of the holy places of Jerusalem, an illustrated bestiary, and a synonoma. Throughout the second volume are litterae notabiliores that are each blue, red and green and embellished with floral designs. Enlarged capitals are frequent throughout, each either three lines high or greater, that alternate between red and green until f. 144v where blue enlarged capitals are introduced and remain for the rest of the manuscript. In the final section of the second volume, there is quite a bit of marginal notation and the enlarged capitals shrink to two lines high.